The Canucks drafted a goalie who likely requires surgery on both hips.

And this is good.

That’s because it’s almost certainly why the highest-rated goalie in the draft fell to the Canucks, who selected Boston College’s Thatcher Demko with the 36th overall pick.

The Canucks need a young, stud goalie in their system because it can take five years for a goaltender to develop.

Demko, the only goalie to get an A-rating from Central Scouting, was the best player availabe on the Canucks list when they took their first of two second-round picks.

Was it too high to take a goalie who will probably have two hip surgeries, especially for a team with as many holes as the Canucks have?

Hip procedures for goalies are increasingly common, relatively easy and successful a vast majority of time. Goalies are recovering more quickly every year, and some are adamant they have gained both flexibility and strength in the hips after full recovery.

It’s a point Eddie Lack kept making when he showed up at training camp in the fall, fully recovered from his own hip surgery.