The moment came and left in less than the time it took you to read this sentence. Here, then gone. All in one second, maybe two, captured and posted on YouTube within minutes Wednesday.

The first Andrew Wiggins Moment at Kansas almost certainly won’t be the last or the best. But one of the best things about sports is the way they can stretch the boundaries of what is possible. This is Wiggins’ gift. This is what our local sports scene has coming.

Did you see the dunk? The way Cole Aldrich — one of college basketball’s best defenders in his day — looked like he would challenge but then thought better of it? The quickness of the jump? Did Wiggins’ elbow reach rim level? His head? His eyes?

How many more — and better — flashes like this will we see once the season starts?

Nobody knows how this will play out, and for now that’s precisely the point. Wiggins is a 6-foot-8 bundle of athleticism and possibility that challenges the imagination. Google “Andrew Wiggins highlights.”

How many times have you seen a human do a behind-the-back, 360-degree dunk?