Now we all know Kirk Hinrich is just the worst, and everything wrong with the Bulls. And perhaps humanity. But the captain finally escaped from that well he was trapped in the past couple of weeks and showed why the Bulls still need him in their 96-87 win over the Hornets. Though he had a Hinrichian scoring line* of 5 points on 2-7 shooting in his 31 minutes, he also provided a season-high 10 assists in that time. With 3 steals and holding Greivis Vasquez to 5-16 shooting and drawing a couple charges, the gritty defense was there too. And boy, were we hearing about it on the broadcast. Though crazily enough, it stopped when I muted it. Not sure how that worked, but I am considering trying it more in the future.

No foolin': the Bulls simply looked and played better with Hinrich back in the starting PG role, he was +11 in his time while Nate Robinson was a -2, managing to miss more shots than Hinrich and have only one assist in his 17 minutes. The Hornets would make relative gains whenever Thibs called for a bench unit tonight, and who knows how the tide might have turned if Nazr Mohammed didn't improbably hit 2 jumpers in the second quarter. OK, maybe that wasn't as much monumental as it was surprising.