This clinches it.

Blake Griffin was drafted there. He had no choice. He had to be a Clipper.

Chris Paul was traded there. He had some choice, because Paul, saying at the time that he would not consider an extension, would have scuttled the deal. But the Clippers could have pushed ahead anyway and acquired the All-Star point guard without his approval. He would have had to be a Clipper.

Chauncey Billups was claimed there. He had no choice. He had to be a Clipper when they put in the winning amnesty bid.

Grant Hill, though, is different. Image-boosting different.

He was a free agent attracting interest from other teams, including the Lakers just after they had acquired his friend Steve Nash. But Hill chose the Clippers on Tuesday. The arrival is the news, but the method is the key. To repeat: Hill chose the Clippers.