Interviews with injured players are not always easy to come by in the NHL and when it's a fellow with a self-admitted shyness anxiety that he struggles to keep under control, it becomes a shade more difficult still.

But as one of the top points-per-game playoff performers of all time since 2008, Johan Franzen is well worth speaking with, he a key component of any Red Wings team that might hope for success in the coming second season. In the back of the Wings dressing room away from everybody after Wednesday night's game, Franzen was in the cool-down stage of his bike work — not always the best treatment for a groin strain in some people's mind — when he kindly answered some questions.

"I don't really like talking with the media, but we all do it here so I'm fine with it now," he said with the definition of a shy smile. "It's not really something I enjoy, but I'm getting used to it. I'm not really sure when I'm going to be back. The groin is fine when I'm on the bike, but I need to try it on the ice before we'll know."

The Wings have developed Franzen to the point now where he's one of the best power forwards in the game when healthy, as 59 points in his last 51 playoff games might indicate. He can play with anyone and still produce, and he well remembers when his mind figured it out, the confidence changing him from a dump-it-in guy to somebody capable of a whole lot more.