The Oakland Raiders' starting quarterback job will be a highly discussed position battle during the offseason.

With Matt Schaub coming off a horrendous season with the Houston Texans, second-round pick Derek Carr should be given every opportunity to succeed. However, the Raiders might not be so inclined to toss Carr into the fire.

Veteran reporter Jim Trotter, while "cleaning out" his notebook -- which we assume is akin to when Eminem once cleaned out his closet -- noted that it would take something "catastrophic" for Carr to start this season.

The ESPN scribe reported that Raiders coach Dennis Allen is "firmly committed" to Schaub as his quarterback.

Of course, a team being committed to a quarterback in May is like a philanderer being committed to his wife while visiting a convent.

Not only is there plenty of time for Allen to become uncommitted to the veteran quarterback, but Schaub already displayed last season the uncanny ability to go catastrophic all on his own.

Around The League's Chris Wesseling dove deep on Schaub, pointing out the quarterback is essentially broken beyond repair.

Coupling that with the fact that in the last two seasons, all six of the quarterbacks drafted in the first or early second round of the NFL draft have gone on to start their team's opener, it's easy to see why Carr could get pushed to the front of the pecking order.