This feels like it's going to get ramble-y. There's your fair warning.

I don't feel one way about the possibility of trading Iman Shumpert. I do feel compelled to remind everyone-- myself included-- that the chatter about trading Shump still emanates from a single report saying the Knicks weren't interested in dealing for Jared Dudley, so there's that. We've heard no suggestion that even the bud of a Shumpert deal exists. But now that the notion has entered public discourse, I've had to think about it and, as usual, find myself on the fence. On one hand, I can see how Shump stands out on a team populated with guys either at or past their prime, and how-- especially with the kid's gradual recovery-- a more proven player such as Dudley might better serve New York's "win now" approach. On the other hand, I question how "win now" the Knicks really have to be and think of Shump as someone who, at full strength, could fit quite well into New York's foremost void. Also, I love the guy beyond reason. That matters to me.