Sharks rookie Tomas Hertl is expected to return to the San Jose area later this week after undergoing surgery to repair damage to the MCL and PCL ligaments in his right knee on Tuesday. For now, the Sharks are only deeming Hertl’s timetable to return as “indefinite.” NHL teams are not required to disclose injury information.

A former NHL team trainer familiar with Hertl's type of injury told the “best case” scenario for Hertl to return would be approximately 12 weeks. More likely, Hertl will be out of action from six to nine months, which would keep him out the remainder of the 2013-14 season.

“A PCL is about as big around as your pinkie," said the trainer, who has not treated Hertl. "Let’s say a quarter of the PCL was torn, and they went in and cleaned up the fibers, and stuff like that. Well, then it won’t be six months. It will probably be three months.

“Usually, a PCL repair or reconstruction is about the same rehab time as an ACL reconstruction. If they truly reconstructed and fixed it, it’s a six to nine month process.”