Chris Herring's piece for The Wall Street Journal this morning presents an interesting number that reflects his change in offensive approach:

Quick-trigger shots like that from Anthony have been more frequent this season. He is shooting the ball within two seconds of catching it 23.9% of the time, according to Synergy Sports. That is a steep increase from last season, when he caught and shot it 17.1% of the time, and 2010-11, when 14.7% of his possessions with the Knicks were catch-and-shoot situations.

A few points of context:

1. If Melo's TS% of .570 holds up, it'll be the best shooting season of his career. A big part of that is his 42 percent shooting from downtown, which is waaaay above any of his other full-season numbers.

2. I don't have the fancy version of Synergy to confirm this, but I bet Melo's shots off the catch : off the dribble or time spent holding the ball per touch spiked while Raymond Felton was hurt. And especially given how brilliantly he shot off the catch on Sunday, I bet (and hope) the quick trigger returns going forward.