Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez faces a potentially busy day in court Monday in Massachusetts – arraignment on charges he beat up a fellow inmate and threatened a guard and possible rulings on a series of motions that could dramatically shape the way one of the murder cases he’s facing will play out.

Hernandez, the former Pro Bowl player who is facing murder charges in two separate cases, has been held without bail for nearly a year following his arrest days after an associate, Odin Lloyd, was found dead in a secluded field, the victim of multiple gunshot wounds.

Two other men, alleged to have been with Hernandez when Lloyd was killed, have also been charged with murder in that case.

In addition to the charge in Lloyd’s killing, Hernandez was subsequently indicted by a grand jury in Suffolk County on murder, assault and weapons charges in the slayings of two men and wounding of a third at a South Boston intersection in July 2012.

But although Lloyd’s death on June 17, 2013, came 11 months after the Boston killings, that case appears to be much closer to going to trial.

The first order of business on Monday, however, is to arraign Hernandez on two indictments charging him with assault and battery in a Feb. 25 fight with another inmate and with allegedly threatening a jailer in a Nov. 1, 2013, incident.

Once the formal reading of those charges is concluded, Bristol County Superior Court Judge E. Susan Garsh is expected to take up at least some of the motions pending in the murder case in which Hernandez is accused of killing Lloyd, who was dating the sister of the former football star’s fiancée.