Police officers stationed at the end of your driveway. An armada of media on your placid little street. Detectives marching out your front door with a box. The words “questioning” and “homicide investigation” finding their way into sentences alongside your name.

That’s where Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez found himself Tuesday. Tough spot. Not where one would want to spend the early part of his June-to-July vacation, the little window of opportunity on the NFL calendar when players are out from under the iron thumb of their bosses.

But a helluva lot better than the spot just down the road from Hernandez’s house where a 27-year-old Boston man was reportedly found by a teen jogger on Monday afternoon. Who the deceased is, how he got there and how he got dead hasn’t yet been divulged by authorities but police are obviously trying to find out what Hernandez knows about all this and whether he’s tangentially involved.

A rented Chevy Suburban with Rhode Island plates is one piece of evidence investigators want information about, according to the Attleboro Sun Chronicle. Hernandez’s name is reportedly tied to the rental.

How the Suburban is tied to the body and how deeply – if at all – Hernandez is in this nasty piece of business will be fleshed out in short order, if the Bristol County district attorney's office can help it.

Still, even if Hernandez was playing Madden and drinking Mountain Dew all weekend, the whole situation is a bad look.