The Dallas Cowboys sure are taking their sweet time making a decision on Tony Romo. Everyone was led to believe they informed him he would be released just a few days ahead of free agency, only later the Cowboys made a big push to try and trade Romo before free agency kicked off.

One problem: there aren’t many suitors left for Romo, with the Broncos and Texans looming as the only real viable candidates . Denver doesn’t want to trade and the Texans already gave up a second-round pick to rid themselves of Brock Osweiler. That seemed to open up the door for Romo to come to town, but nothing has happened.

Which is odd, because the Texans could beat Denver -- or any other darkhorse team -- to the punch if they were willing to give up a pick to get Romo.

Maybe there’s another holdup though. What if, as floated by Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio over the weekend, the reason that Romo hasn’t either been released or been traded to the Texans is if Jerry Jones can’t handle the idea of Romo playing for another team in Texas?

It’s kind of a wild theory but, well, not really. If Romo plays for the Texans, there is a decent chance that the Houston-based football team becomes almost as popular as the Dallas-based football team. Jerry doesn’t own the team in Houston.