Henrik Lundqvist has become one of the game's premier goalies and is the veritable face of the New York Rangers. The 2012 Vezina Trophy winner has just one year left on his deal with the club and some talks have already taken place regarding an extension.

While in his native Sweden for the national team's Olympic orientation camp he spoke with Swedish TV network SVT2 about his future with the Rangers and the possibility of a maximum extension.


It may be hard to picture but Lundqvist could command a gigantic salary and max term as part of his extension. It is likely that's exactly what he would get as an unrestricted free agent.

With the market as it is and Lundqvist's status as one of if not the best goaltender in the league he could conceivably get eight years at around $8.5 million to $9.5 million per year as Larry Brooks noted weeks ago in the New York Post (via Sporting News). That's a lot of coin.

However it doesn't seem Lundqvist is in any rush to sign a max deal one that could take him to the end of his career as he is now 31.

The Rangers would have to think long and hard about just how much they'd be willing to invest in Lundqvist and for how long. He isn't getting younger and it would be difficult to expect him to maintain his status as an elite goalie into his 40s.

The Rangers are still within a window of Stanley Cup competitiveness however and a lot of that hinges on Lundqvist. It might be a case where the Rangers have to invest in Lundqvist's past-prime years to milk every last ounce of what he has over the next few seasons.

Lundqvist didn't go into any detail about the status of negotiations but said whether a deal was done before the season or not he can't let it affect his game.

The Swedish goalie obviously has close ties to New York and doesn't seem to be in any rush to leave but the offer is going to have to be right. Lundqvist clearly understands that.