Ales Hemsky took a twirl with the young prospects at the Edmonton Oilers development camp Tuesday to test his two surgically repaired shoulders.

He admits that he was more concerned with how he handled the puck than how No. 1 draft pick Ryan Nugent-Hopkins looked.

"What number was he? If I skate (Wednesday), maybe I'll take a picture. He can autograph it for me," said a joking Hemsky, who was drafted 10 years ago, 13th overall.

Hemsky, who turns 28 next month, has had both shoulders fixed in the last two years.

"I should be fine now. I don't have a third one," he said.

To the folks around the league who think Hemsky is injury-prone, all he can do is shrug those refurbished shoulders. He's played only 69 of 164 games the last two seasons but doesn't feel like his body is breaking down.

"I'm not worrying about it. It's only the last two seasons, but before that I don't think I've had many injuries," said Hemsky, who expects to be ready for the Oilers training camp in mid-September.

Hemsky was back in the Czech Republic in June but will stay here for July to see the medical people and work on his rehabilitation, then head home to skate with the club team in Pardubice for awhile.

"I know to have surgery seems bad, but when you fix the shoulders, they should be OK, now. You get hit, you get a small tear in the shoulder and it's tearing and tearing and finally it's torn all the way. For two months you don't feel it, then you get to where you can't even sleep. Only thing you can do is go for surgery. I don't know if I'll ever have the motion I had before. They've tied it up pretty tightly for a hockey player, but it's good enough for sports. I can play tennis, golf."

Hemsky was a regular customer of Robyn Regehr when Calgary played Edmonton, with the Flames defenceman taking his number. But Hemsky says he didn't send Regehr a text to wish him well on a new team in Buffalo.

"I never minded playing against him. He's tough but honest. He hits, but he doesn't hit you blind. OK, he did it one time. But he's not that dirty. There's dirtier guys than him. He grabs you and takes you into the boards," said Hemsky.