It's just another day at the yard for Todd Helton. Well, except for the part about the writers asking him about playing in his 2,000 major league game.

Helton will do just that in about an hour. If you know Helton, who prides himself on marching out there every day despite slumps, family issues or physical problems, you know what the number means to him.

But what means more to him than anything else is that all 2,000 games have come in a Rockies uniform. He's a dying breed in an era of free agency: a star who spends his entire career with one team.

"The thing I'm most proud about is that it's all been here,'' said Helton. "It's kind of hard to put your head around. A lot of times driving to the ballfield, a lot of times I've had to put the game before my family. … I think about those things. But I'm very proud to say I played in 2,000 big-league games.''

Rockies manager Jim Tracy is touting Helton for comeback player of the year, and for good reason. Helton at 37 has bounced back from the longest summer of his career, a year in which persistent back problems led to a .256-8-37 season.

This year, Helton is hitting at .306 and is on pace for 18 home runs and 68 RBIs. Not monster numbers compared to a decade ago, but solid ones for a player who was written off by many over the winter.