The Cleveland Cavaliers have called virtually every team in the league this week as part of their continuing search for a trade partner interested in dealing for Andrew Bynum's cap-friendly contract before the magical date of Jan. 7, according to sources close to the process.

Which is a handy cue to remind us that the Orlando Magic possess the same sort of trade chip with Hedo Turkoglu and his similarly structured deal.

In both cases, only half of Bynum and Turkoglu's respective $12 million expiring contracts are guaranteed this season. Any team employing either player on Jan. 7 can thus save $6 million in salary -- and potentially more depending on where they are luxury-tax wise -- by releasing Bynum or Turkoglu in time to ensure they clear waivers before Jan. 10.

Yet there is one big difference between the Bynum and Turkoglu situations.

The Cavaliers, despite their disastrous 10-21 start, still have playoff aspirations in the "Leastern Conference." So they appear to be willing to add some salary in a Bynum trade if they can land a difference-making asset, as evidenced by Cleveland's recent trade talks with the Los Angeles Lakers to acquire $19.3 million man Pau Gasol.