Before taking the field for batting practice late Monday afternoon, Phillies players were riveted to television coverage of the bombings in Boston.

The attacks hit home with closer Jonathan Papelbon, who spent seven seasons with the Boston Red Sox and lived in the neighborhood where the bombings took place.

“I used to live right above where one of the bombs went off,” Papelbon said. “It's kind of surreal. I don't know man, it's crazy. It's hard to even think about.

“I lived right above Abe and Louie’s,” he said referring to a steakhouse in the area. “It's sad, man.”

The explosions took place as runners were crossing the finish line at the Boston Marathon, held annually on Patriots’ Day, a Massachusetts holiday.

“Patriots’ Day is a big thing in Boston,” Papelbon said. “The Sox play at 11 o'clock. It's all ruined. Families are ruined. Lives are ruined. For what? It's just sad.

“I'm looking at it right now and I'm like, ‘Damn, I used to live right there.’"

Papelbon tried to reach friends in the area, but cell phone service was down.

“It’s hard to put into words,” he said. “Hopefully the city can rally and make things better, but it's going to be tough.”