The Miami Heat signed Greg Oden as a shot in the dark. No one, including Oden, knew what might happen to the center’s knees or if his non-guaranteed contract would even amount to anything. Roughly two months into the 2013-14 NBA season Oden has yet to step foot on the court besides a few minutes in the preseason. The timetable for his return in unknown, and Erik Spoelstra either has no idea what might happen with Oden or he is keeping everything quiet.

Who knows when we will see Oden on the court or if he will ever log another minute ever again, but the seven-footer is becoming frustrated with his current status. The Miami Herald reported that Dwyane Wade said Oden had “gotten down” and “a little frustrated” in the long wait. It’s understandable that Oden has become frustrated with the long wait to play, but I am taking Miami’s side on this one.

Honestly, after all the knee injuries, missed games and lost seasons, you would think Oden would want to take it slow and cautious. He is lucky he is even getting another chance in the league. The center has undergone numerous knee surgeries and has only played in a grand total of 82 games since 2008.