Among the Heat's difficult offseason decisions: choosing a point guard to pair with restricted free agent Mario Chalmers. And the realistic options for the team are unimpressive.

First, Chalmers must be re-signed, which shouldn't be a problem because Miami can match any offer, assuming that doesn't change in the new labor deal. But an unexpectedly high offer could force the Heat to spend more than it prefers.

Chalmers started26 games during the season but his only playoff start was Game 6 of the Finals. Asked Tuesday if he views Chalmers as a starter, coach Erik Spoelstra said, "He's a combination guard that can start under the right circumstances. He's also a great fit coming off the bench because of the energy he provides and his ability to change the game. We're encouraged by Mario's progress."

Free agent Mike Bibby would love to return, but his poor playoffs (28.1 percent shooting, 23 assists,17 turnovers) will give the Heat impetus to explore other options with Bibby as a fallback. The Heat also has focused on several point guards in the June 23 draft.

Among other unrestricted free agents, Dallas' J.J. Barea likely will stay put. Boston's Delonte West had an alleged — but never confirmed — issue with LeBron James in Cleveland and "comes with a lot of baggage," a veteran NBA scout said.