To a degree, the notion of chasing anything but the next win fundamentally stands against everything Erik Spoelstra stresses.

For Spoelstra, the core philosophy has been it's always about the next game, and only the next game.

That's why there has been precious little from the Miami Heat regarding the long view, namely extending this franchise record 24-game winning streak to the heights of the 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers' NBA-record 33-game winning streak.

"We haven't discussed it much; we don't really get involved in it," forward LeBron James said, offering for public consumption something seemingly far different than what is being thought privately, based on the tenor of the postgame locker room.

"We understand the streak that we're on. But we don't really talk about it too much. We kind of just live in the moment and take each and every game like its own."

Yet be it fighting back from a 27-point deficit Wednesday against the Cleveland Cavaliers, or erupting after falling into a fourth-quarter tie Sunday against the Toronto Raptors, this has become a team savoring far more than merely vanquishing lottery opposition.

For now, the Heat are publicly reconciling their late-season giddiness by pointing to how the streak is preparing them for the playoffs, at a time they have the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference all but wrapped up.

"I think the number-one thing for us is we're getting better," James said. "We're making a push throughout the right time of the year, and we've been able to win games in all different shapes and sizes, on the road, at home, slow-paced games, fast-paced games.