Facing Rockets guard James Harden for the first time since the NBA Finals when Harden was the Thunder's sixth man and the Heat took the NBA championship, Miami coach Erik Spoelstra offered Harden praise.

"The things he does off the dribble on pick-and-rolls reminds you of Dwyane (Wade)," Spoelstra said. "His ability to get into small crevices and split the defense and emerge at the rim. (Jeremy) Lin is similar in that way in his aggressiveness and his confidence off the dribble."

"They are running the majority of their pick-and-roll offense primarily through (Harden) right from the beginning with Lin. He probably has double-digit more opportunities on pick-and-rolls to attack and make plays (than with the Thunder)."

Having held the same role that Harden has now, Wade said the key will be the help he gets.

"The biggest thing I think is going to be the consistency of the teammates to set screens for him, to be able to get him in the paint and to make shots," Wade said.