It’s been a long time since the Heat needed Dwyane Wade to win a playoff game for them, and a longer time since he’s looked capable of it.

Neither was the case on Monday night in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference semifinals -- not against a Bulls team that has run out of gas and hope, a team that barely shot 25 percent from the field, including an unsightly 0-for-12 from Nate Robinson -- in an 88-65 snoozer that gave the Heat a 3-1 series lead.

It was the last time this season that the paying customers at United Center will be treated to Derrick Rose doing basketball things on the court during pregame warmups. This series isn’t coming back to Chicago, where Wade, the native son, suffered his latest setback in an ongoing battle with what he called “shooting pain” in his troublesome right knee.

Wade collided with Jimmy Butler while making a move in the post in the second quarter, contact that was mild and innocuous by this series’ standards – by any standards, really. He missed a fall-away jumper and avoided putting weight on his right leg as he staggered toward the sideline.

“Shooting pain,” Wade said. “It hurts. But eventually I was able to come back, retape my knee and come back out and try to finish.”

Finish he did: 3-for-10 from the field with six points, bringing his scoring average in this postseason to a lethargic 12.3. The bone bruise that sidelined Wade for six games in April and Game 4 of the first-round series against Milwaukee just won’t leave him alone.

And it won’t stop planting doubts about what happens when the Heat need Wade to win a playoff game for them against healthier competition.

“I know what to do,” Wade said. “I’ve been playing with it for almost two months now. I’ll make the adjustments.”