Adrian Peterson can laugh now at some of the memes that popped up on the Internet after a sideline exchange between the veteran running back and head coach Sean Payton.

One in particular, depicting Peterson as Denzel Washington's character from Training Day, still gets the running back laughing.

But the furor that erupted over the exchange bothered Peterson, who was bothered enough by the speculation in the game's aftermath that he tweeted at SportsCenter to clarify that he told Payton "we need to run it up their (expletive)."

"It was definitely overdramatized," Peterson said. "Of course, with the heat of the game, me being back in Minnesota and things like that, just catching that look – that intense look on my face, like I had – I actually got some laughs out of some of the memes that were made."

Peterson said he and Payton understood what was going on perfectly.