Heading into 2013, the Tigers are going to be the overwhelming favorite to win the AL Central, despite the efforts of GM Dayton Moore and the Kansas City Royals.

The Tigers have the division's most dominant starting pitching, and likely the most potent offense. The Tigers have even improved their outfield defense quite a bit, which may have been even more atrocious than their infield defense in 2012. Yes, there are some questions with regards to the Tigers relief corps, but with the quality arms that will comprise the back end, I'm confident a decent bullpen can emerge.

The real obstacle to the Tigers winning a World Series? Health.

Avoiding injury is important for any team, but maybe none more so than the 2013 Detroit Tigers. Sure, the Tigers could likely sustain a 15- to 30-day disabled list stint to just about any player on their roster. The talent of the rest of starting nine and rotation could cover that for a bit. As we saw last year, when Austin Jackson missed some time, guys such as Quintin Berry can get hot for a short period and fill in admirably.

But there is a good deal of luck involved in these kinds of things. If the same thing happened this year, it's way more likely that Berry hits the .218 he did in the second half of the season than the .299 he did in the first half. That's just the nature of bench players: They aren't good over the long term.

It is the multiple injuries and/or an extended injury to a star player is what really scares me about this Tigers team.