James Jones could have collected enough souvenirs, programs and trinkets to start his very own museum of recent NBA playoff history, if he wanted. Instead, the Cavaliers forward curates his own library of memories, entirely between his ears.

“I’ve accumulated so many experiences you can’t put in a box,” Jones said Thursday, a day before his Cavs tried to even the NBA Finals in Game 4 vs. the Warriors. “I’m not very sentimental about basketball objects.”

Jones was already on the Heat when LeBron James and Chris Bosh arrived, and he stuck with them for all four trips to the NBA Finals from 2011 to 2014. In Miami, Jones formed a friendship with James, and when LeBron moved north to sign back with Cleveland in the summer of 2014, Jones followed soon after. Jones, then is one of the only two players since Bill Russell's Celtics to make six consecutive Finals appearances, if under considerably less limelight than his teammate and co-record-holder.