Jay Hayes received some good news on Tuesday while he was on the road evaluating draft prospects. The Bengals defensive line coach heard that defensive end Robert Geathers had signed a three-year extension to remain with the club.

Said Hayes of Geathers: “Robert has been a consistent player for us since he has walked in the door. He’s been a huge part of our success over the past nine years and played at a high level. I’m excited to have him back. Really it was something we were hopeful that was going to happen and when we were going to get it done.”

Of the team record 51 sacks last year, 42 were by the defensive line. The line has also been a big reason why the defense has been ranked in the top 10 three of the past four years.

Wallace Gilberry, who signed a three-year extension early in the week, might have surprised most fans, but not Hayes. When Gilberry was a free agent last year at this time, Hayes had targeted him as a possibility to come here, but Gilberry ended up going to Tampa Bay. When Gilberry was released by the Bucs, he ended up back on Hayes’ short list in case something happened.

When Jamaal Anderson was injured in the Week 2 win over Cleveland, Gilberry was signed. He ended up finishing third in sacks with 6.5.

“I liked how he played (at Kansas City). He was versatile and did some different things. We were able to bring him in and the rest is history,” Hayes said.