Hawks forward Josh Smith wants you to believe he doesn't hear thousands of home fans pleading with him not to shoot when he winds up from the perimeter.

"I put them on mute," Smith said Monday, smiling.

Eventually Smith, an Atlanta native, acknowledged that he hears the fans but noted there were a lot of Bulls supporters at the game. "Those are the people saying it," he said, still smiling.

It was easy for Smith to make light of the situation after his energetic play lifted the Hawks to a 100-88 victory over Chicago on Sunday night. Fans cheered Smith as he made several key plays to help the Hawks tie the best-of-seven Eastern Conference semifinals at two games each.

Before the strong ending Smith had missed 6 of 7 shots from beyond 15 feet (one came as the shot clock was about to expire). That was after coach Larry Drew, teammates and vocal fans at Philips Arena all have tried to convince Smith to eschew jump shots for attempts closer to the basket.

After the game Smith seemed annoyed by reporters' questions about his jump shots.

"The media is trying to 'T.O.' me," Smith said, referring to controversial NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens.

Most Hawks fans sounded as if they were appealing to Smith not to shoot rather than deriding him but some booed when he missed. There were similar reactions during the regular season but it's been more noticeable during the playoffs because of larger crowds and increased scrutiny.

Smith said the treatment from fans "doesn't faze me" because his teammates are supportive. He said he believes fans want him to see him play to his potential, especially since he's a local.