The Hawks began the game how you might expect a road team playing in a Tuesday afternoon game to: slow, disorganized, and somewhat laughable. Sequences featured a driving Elton Brand tripping over his own feet to lose the ball, and, well... the rest was sort of unmemorable-- just an amalgamation of bricks and sloppy passes.

So why start with the negative after such a gutsy win? Because the offensive production only marginally improved throughout the game. It never got THAT much better in Atlanta's 92-91 win. Sure, there were stretches, but sometimes this is just how you have to win, especially in a mid-week game at 1:00 PM. It's not always pretty. But, the Hawks still won thanks to gritty defense and timely scoring runs.

Jeff Teague's pair of free-throws put the Hawks ahead 92-91 with just over a minute to go. Those would be the final points of the night as Atlanta and Boston swapped several consecutive misses, mostly courtesy of the Celtics. Jordan Crawford had three opportunities to win the game in the final minute, but didn't convert any of those chances.