There is no limp no outward sign of the surgery on his right knee three weeks ago.

Whether Udonis Haslem makes it back for the Oct. 1 start of Miami Heat training camp has yet to be determined but the veteran power forward said Thursday that last month's procedure provided both physical and mental relief.

"I'm three weeks in now. I feel pretty good actually" he said during a promotional appearance at the Microsoft specialty store at Town Center. "It wasn't as bad as we thought it was. I was fortunate. It was mostly just a cleaning a lot of scar tissue a couple of loose pieces in there cleaning out the MCL."

Haslem 33 played during the second half of the regular season and then the playoffs with what was thought to be a torn right meniscus.

Poised to enter his 11th NBA season all with the Heat Haslem said he emerged from the procedure confident there would not be complications going forward.

"I'm rehabbing right now" he said as a line of youths formed to challenge him at the Kinect video console. "I'll be ready for camp; I think I will. I feel good.

"I don't want to get ahead of myself but I actually feel real good. I'm looking to start running and getting back on the court in the next couple of weeks."

Whether it was posing for photos or taking on challengers for simulated free throws Haslem said there is a different energy to his community appearances as a two-time defending NBA champion.

"Every year it gets better" he said. "Every time we win a championship you're reaching out to a new group of people a new group of fans a new generation that probably didn't know who you were probably didn't follow you the year before probably was a hater probably is a converted Heat fan. So every year you just add more people to the bandwagon. So we're just going to try to keep on doing it."