It devolved into madness – an injured third baseman pinch hitting in the 13th, a back-from-the-disabled-list starter coming in as a reliever in the 14th – as the Mets searched for an expedient way to put this game to bed.

By midnight, an already thin crowd at Marlins Park looked emaciated. Pockets of diehards were clinging to extra innings, waiting to see how, when and if this game would drag its bones across the finish line.

It ended poorly for the Mets and their fans, the ones who staved off the sandman to watch. A night that began with 24-year-old Matt Harvey chasing a spot in Mets history ended in heartbreaking fashion for the Mets after 15 long innings. The Mets rallied for a run in the top of the 15th, but the Marlins countered with two in the bottom of the inning to earn a wacky 4-3 victory Monday night.

Or actually, Tuesday morning.

Rob Brantly pushed across the game-tying run on a single to right field. Nick Green brought home the game-winner on a sacrifice fly to left field.

The Mets have now lost five in a row and 10 out of 13.

It could have ended hours earlier. Harvey had the win – and a chance to become the third Mets pitcher to go 5-0 in April – plucked from his paw in the ninth inning. Bobby Parnell coughed up a run in the bottom of the ninth, a run that would prevent Harvey from securing a seat alongside a pair of legends. Green’s first sacrifice fly of the night tied the game at 2-2.