In an NFL offseason that has seen Joe Flacco receive a $20.1 million per season contract, you would think a rumored contract at $6 million per season for a wide receiver would not even cause someone to blink. However, if that player is Miami Dolphins wide receiver, fans seem to immediately panic over the amount.

Simply put, Hartline is worth $6 million per year. Take a look at the other wide receivers who currently have deals from $5.5 million per year to $7.5 million per year.

Are there some players on that list who are underpaid? Sure. Roddy White probably deserves more than $7.1 million a year. But, this is the second to last year on a six year deal he signed in 2009. When it is his time for a new contract, you can bet he will be getting more than $7.1M. But, a contract that is underpaying White is still more than the rumored amount for Hartline.

Looking down in the range of Hartline's deal, two names jump out - Reggie Wayne and Anquan Boldin. Wayne signed a deal last year with the Colts, for less money, to stay in Indianapolis. His previous deal, in 2006, was a $6.5 million per season contract - which was the third highest wide receiver salary at the time, behind only Marvin Harrison and Randy Moss.