here is something about Tim Tebow Patriots quarterback that makes us all sound like those little kids sitting in a circle in the cell phone commercial. We raise our hands and anxiously try to answer the big question — why is Tebow here? — but the train of thought quickly runs off the tracks. For example:

PREMISE: They’re going to install a package for him to run the wildcat offense near the goal line.
REALITY CHECK: And take Tom Brady the greatest short-yardage quarterback in the NFL off the field?
PREMISE: Belichick just wants to make Rex Ryan who couldn’t figure out how to use Tebow in New York look bad.
REALITY CHECK: Does he really need Tebow to do that?
PREMISE: Belichick’s throwing a bone to offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels who used a first-round pick on Tebow in Denver.
REALITY CHECK: Does McDaniels really want to remind everyone of that?

PREMISE: They’re going to put him at tailback or H-back or halfback or hunchback because he’s just a good football player.
REALITY CHECK: OK great. Since he’s really never done any of that wouldn’t it make sense to start soon? Before we make him a pass-catcher shouldn’t we find out if he can you know catch a pass?
PREMISE: He’s here to keep and eye on old Gators buddy Aaron Hernandez.
REALITY CHECK: Little late for that unfortunately. That’s Sheriff Hodgson’s job now.

There are dozens of theories each one sillier than the next none of which explains why the former Heisman Trophy winner is here allegedly competing for a job with the Patriots. He has played strictly quarterback since camp began and at least in the two exhibition games has looked profoundly bad doing it.