The Steelers cut James Harrison on Saturday even though he had two years left on his contract. • Of the major sports, only in football does something like this regularly happen. In baseball, hockey and basketball, contracts are guaranteed. In football, they are not. A team can cut a player at any time and not owe him a dime in most situations.

Is it fair? Yes, actually, because that is the system in the NFL and the players know it. Players sign contracts knowing that the only money that is guaranteed is the guaranteed money, really the signing bonuses they get up front, which can be so high that they also guarantee the first few years of the roster bonuses and salaries stipulated in their contract as well.

Harrison was due $6.57 million this year and $7,575,000 in 2014. When he signed his six-year, $51.75 million contract in April of 2009, he had to know that while it stipulated he was under contract through 2014 that it was entirely possible he would not see the final two years when he was 35 and 36 years old.