Although Bo Porter gave his players the complete day off, Lucas Harrell and Erik Bedard showed up at Osceola County Stadium to get some treatment and play long toss Monday morning.

Harrell, who was skipped from his scheduled start Sunday because of a groin injury, expects to start later this week. Bedard, who hasn’t pitched in a game since Feb. 26 because of a gluteal strain, is likely to return to the mound early this week.

“I’m just coming and getting a little work in to make sure I come in and get my treatment in,” Harrell said. “Everything feels great.

“They’re talking about making a start later at the end of the week, like a Friday or Saturday-type thing. I’m told I’m completely fine. I’ve been running. I’ve been doing all my exercises. I’ve been lifting. I just lightly tweaked it. Everything’s fine now.”

Both played catch under the watchful eye of athletic trainer Rex Jones.

“It was for both of us just to see how we’re feeling and make sure everything’s feeling good,” Harrell said. “He’s feeling great and I’m feeling good too. It was definitely a positive for both of us. I’ll be out of here by 10. I’ll still have a complete day off.”