The one-liners began Tuesday, soon after news surfaced that Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy had been arrested on charges of domestic violence.

The most common: "When will The Kraken be released?"

That was an obvious play on Hardy's talking this past season about releasing the alter-ego he refers to as "The Kraken." For months, there have been T-shirts on sale, in Carolina black and blue colors, that actually say, "Release The Kraken."

If this wasn't so sad, that might be funny.

But there is nothing funny about what Hardy has been accused of, the charges he faces and what it potentially could mean to the team -- and him.

The Panthers guaranteed the Pro Bowl player $13.1 million in 2014 not just because he collected a team-best 15 sacks last season and is a big part of what they do defensively, but because he appeared to have matured past the mistakes he made early in his NFL career and at Ole Miss.

General manager Dave Gettleman and coach Ron Rivera were so impressed with the person and player Hardy had become that they were trying to negotiate a long-term deal.

Hardy's arrest can't be good for any leverage he might have had.

It's certainly not good for the Panthers.

Unless he's cleared legally, the charges of "assault on a female" -- according to the police report, a woman Hardy has been in an active relationship with since September 2013 -- will be mentioned in almost every story written about Hardy.

That's not the type of connection team owner Jerry Richardson typically tolerates. The Panthers released Chris Terry during the 2002 season only a few months after the offensive tackle was charged with assaulting his wife.