The Mariners traded John Jaso for an old friend in Michael Morse, except Jaso went to Oakland because it was a three-team deal. I've gathered—since I'm literate—that neither Dave Cameron nor Jeff Sullivan like the trade (see: here and here). So I'm going to go about this as objectively as possible, perhaps with things like new-fangled "statistics."

We should all know Jaso by now. He's a sabermetric darling with that 13.4% career walk rate, and perhaps it's fitting that Oakland nabbed him. He caught a perfect game once, if you heard, and he proved over the course of the season that he wasn't an incompetent catcher by any means. He was also our best hitter last year by just about every measurement. Except stolen bases.

Since joining the Nationals in 2009, Morse has spent significant time in the corner outfield positions and at first base. He has also spent significant time sucking at those positions. In about a season-and-a-half in the outfield, Morse cost the Nationals about 23 runs by UZR standards or 7 runs by DRS standards. So maybe it's more accurate to say, "maybe he's awful, or maybe he's just bad." In any case, outfield defense is not his strong suit, and it's not like there's room for him at first base at the moment. Morse was definitely not brought in for his glove.