For a team coming off a massively disappointing 4-12 campaign in 2013, the opening of training camp for the Atlanta Falcons has featured some feisty moments. In the season premiere of HBO’s Hard Knocks reality show, the Falcons scrapped frequently over the first few days of training camp.

After one of many tussles broke out, offensive line coach Mike Tice exclaimed “we’re not going to get any better doing that s–t.”

Rookie linebacker Jacques Smith ruffled the feathers of veteran linemen Joe Hawley and Ryan Schraeder. Hawley took offense to the way the rookie was speaking to him after a play. Schraeder followed it up by getting in Smith’s face and shoved him multiple times. Schraeder then started throwing punches after the rookie wouldn’t back down.

“I’m not backing down from nobody. …I guess they think me being a rookie this is new? None of this is new,” Smith said.

Defensive end Kroy Biermann jumped offsides three times and was angry at himself for the infractions as it meant 30 up-downs after practice. Biermann then got into a shoving match soon after with rookie tackle Jake Matthews all on the first day of camp. He also got chewed out by a coach, who shouted “”71 your ass is getting kicked all f–king camp.”