Step one for the 49ers' rookie class: A battery of tests and examinations up the road at Stanford Hospital.

For two members of the class, second-round pick Tank Carradine and fourth rounder Marcus Lattimore, the results were promising, Jim Harbaugh said Friday.

"Everything looks good structurally with all the guys that we drafted," he said. "The ACL looks really good for Marcus. We're just going to have to take a step back in terms of the cutting because we want that inside of the knee, the lateral side of the knee to heal fully. But we're good."

Lattimore, of course, tore three knee ligaments, including the ACL, last year, and his heroic rehabilitation was one of the biggest story lines in the months before the draft. After the draft, however, Harbaugh said he wanted Lattimore, a running back, to slow down that rehabilitation, and he hinted that Lattimore might not play in 2013.

Lattimore today said he'd accept that scenario if that's what occurs. "I think that would be fine," he said. "Whatever happens, you know, these next three months will probably determine that. I'm just going to continue to keep working hard, and if I'm called upon, I feel like hopefully I'll be ready."

Harbaugh cautioned that no decisions have been made on Lattimore or Carradine, a defensive lineman who tore his ACL in November. He said the team's training staff, led by head trainer Jeff Ferguson, was excited by the challenge presented by the team's 2012 draft class.

"It's the Super Bowl for them," he said. "They're fired up about that."