When his forearm smacked hard into Tyler Hansbrough's face, the first thing Kevin Garnett did was grab Hansbrough's arm, almost apologetically.

It didn't matter.

Garnett said it was unintentional.

"I came, I was firm, I didn't mean to get him in the face like that," Garnett said. "I was actually trying to swipe the ball. They called it what it was. It was a physical game. That's what it was. Part of the game."

Hansbrough thought it was dirty.

"I guess that's his game plan," Hansbrough said. "That's how he plays. Definitely thought it was cheap though."

After looking over the replays, referee James Capers ruled it a flagrant-2 and ejected Garnett with 8:24 left in the Celtics' 94-75 win over the Pacers Friday night. It had been two seasons since Garnett's last ejection, when he was bounced for appearing to hit an airborne Channing Frye mid-jump shot.