Hanley Ramirez's smile was bigger than his muscles, which look bigger than ever. Ramirez was smiling broadly throughout the team's fifrst full-squad workout, either the result of an attitude overhaul or a determined effort to prove everyone wrong that he carried the potential to destroy the good feeling around Marlins camp. When someone remarked what great shape he appeared to be in, Ramirez said, "When everyone was talking ... I was working.''

There was indeed a lot of talk this winter about Ramirez, and more specifically, whether he'd take to the switch from his beloved shortstop to third base. Stories seemed to swing back and forth about whether Hanley hated, tolerated or relished the move. I'm not sure whether it's because today was the day for the brief media refresher course, but Ramirez's publick message was that he loved third base and was looked foward to the chalenge. "It's 200 percent OK,'' Ramirez said. "I feel it in my heart. I feel it in my mind. I feel it in my body.''

Meanwhile, in case Ramirez's feelings are ahead of his skills, new Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen has begun lowering expectations for Ramirez at third base. "He's not a Gold Glover (at third base). We have to be patient. He will make mistakes,'' Guillen said.