Washington Redskins receiver Leonard Hankerson did not practice Wednesday after hurting his foot playing with his kids on Tuesday coach Mike Shanahan said. He did not go into detail on the severity of the injury. Nor is it known whether Hankerson will return to practice Thursday.

If Hankerson can't play Josh Morgan would return to the lineup as the starting Z receiver. Neither player has been a consistent threat so it wouldn't be a big drop-off from one to the other.

Defensive end Stephen Bowen was limited because of his torn posterior cruciate ligament. Bowen played with a similar injury two years ago in his other knee and is hopeful that he'll play Sunday. Safety Reed Doughty (concussion) and backup nose tackle Chris Neild (calf) also were limited in practice. When asked whether he still had symptoms from his concussion Doughty would only say he'll see how he's feeling Sunday.