Adrian Peterson revealed today that nagging hamstring tightness in recent weeks caused him to be hesitant when running the ball.
Peterson said he bruised his right hamstring about five weeks ago. That gradually caused some tightness which affected the way he ran in recent games.

"I feel like it was definitely hurting a little bit" he said. "I feel like it was more in my mind. It’s strange to say that but I think I was kind of holding myself back not being able to stretch out and really run. I think I was kind of hindering myself. Now that I’m able to be more relaxed and got a clearer mind I think I’ll be able to go out there and go full-speed.”

Peterson said he alerted coaches and the medical staff last week that he was having a problem with his hamstring.

"It was something that I’ve been dealing with for about 4-5 weeks" he said."The way that it came on wasn’t like a normal hamstring like a tweak or anything like that. It kind of gradually became sore kind of climbed up from the bottom of my hamstring up to the middle. I didn’t really know what was wrong but I’m feeling good now. I’ve been doing a lot of work with [head athletic trainer] Eric Sugarman and his staff. They’ve been keeping me in the training room keeping me ready.”