Give Cole Hamels credit for being honest.

The left-hander pitched his first complete game of the season Monday night in beating the Atlanta Braves 5-1 at Turner Field. The victory snapped an 11-game road losing streak for the Phillies (see Instant Replay).

It was also Charlie Manuel’s 1000th win as a big-league skipper.

Afterward Hamels was asked if it meant anything to him to be on the hill for his manager’s milestone win.

“I totally forgot” the left-hander admitted.

Manuel’s pursuit of 1000 had been buried under the rubble of the 17 losses that the Phillies had suffered in the 20 games leading up to Monday night.

“Truly I think it hasn’t been talked about much because we haven’t been playing well so we’ve been really just focusing on trying to win a game” Hamels said.

A game. Any game.

“But it’s a tremendous accomplishment” Hamels said. “It’s a huge milestone. It’s nice Charlie got that out of the way. Now we need to focus on winning two.”

After the game the Phillies presented Manuel with a signed base emblazoned with “1000” in red Phillies-style numerals.

“It’s definitely quite an achievement” Manuel said. “Like I told my players they’re the ones that make it happen. They play. The two organizations I’ve been with they’re the ones that get the players for me. That just goes to show you just how good they are. It’s hard for me to stand there and say I accept all of my accolades because the other people are definitely achieving those for you. That’s kind of how I look at it. I’m sure later on it probably means a lot more to me than right now. We’re still trying to win some games.”