In the world we live in today, there’s no business like private business.
It’s in newspapers and magazines, on televisions and websites. Scuttlebutt is king, scooped up in large portions, the juicier the better.

That world caught up with Jaroslav Halak and Ken Hitchcock last May when they conducted a heated discussion outside a team meeting in Los Angeles.

Keep in mind, loud arguments are nothing new to sports, certainly nothing new to Hitchcock. He coached Brett Hull for crying out loud.

But when the Halak-Hitchcock incident went public, the world we live in skipped a beat.

For a Blues community almost as frustrated by the circumstances as the principals, it was clear who wore the black hat — Halak. In the weeks since, handwriting had been all over the NHL walls.

With the emergence of Jake Allen, on the heels of another Brian Elliott renaissance, the message has been clear: Halak’s remaining time in St. Louis is borrowed. The rumor mills have Halak heading to Philadelphia, to Buffalo, to parts still unknown.

Reality has Halak out at St. Louis Mills, the Blues’ training facility in Hazelwood. He has been there all summer, running on treadmills, lifting and stretching, looking forward to a new season — with the St. Louis Blues. And nowhere on his person are hard feelings.

“I’m happy to be here,” Halak said. “I signed to play here for four years and I wanted to accomplish some goals when I came, and I haven’t done that. I still want to accomplish those goals.”