The most important takeaway from tonight is that Mike Conley was taken out of the game midway through the fourth quarter with what looked like a painful injury to his leg or ankle. We don't have updates yet, but hopefully it's not serious.

That aside, the Memphis Grizzlies were able to pull off the win against the Minnesota Timberwolves, with a final score of 94-90. They looked great to start the game, and while they faltered a bit in the middle quarters, we were treated to a great game between some great big men. Kevin Love took over the second half of the game, recording 28 points and 16 rebounds. Zach Randolph wasn't conceding anything easily however, with 26 points and 12 rebounds himself.

The Grizzlies got off to a great start, leading the Wolves 19-10 with 5:58 remaining in the first quarter. Marc Gasol looked spry and active, and Courtney Lee was getting some great looks. The two scored 9 each in the quarter, and there was plenty of motion for the offense overall in what was a strong showing out of the gates. The team shot 63.6% from the field and led Minnesota (who shot 50.0% themselves) 30-22 after the first. Kevin Martin was creating wonderfully with 10 points in the first, but the Grizzlies were able to limit the rest of the Wolves by challenging them inside and putting Marc Gasol on Kevin Love.

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Things got even better for the Grizz in the second quarter, as the Timberwolves unraveled when their bench came in. The Grizzlies quickly claimed a double-digit lead and held it for most of the quarter, with the Wolves unable to get anything sustainable going on offense. Their offense was uncoordinated and committed seven turnovers. Even when they held on to the ball, they could only muster 35.0% shooting from the field. Kevin Martin took only one shot in the quarter and missed it.

That said, the Grizzlies weren't able to keep up their torrid shooting either. Gorgui Dieng had some great defensive moments, and the Grizzlies were only able to shoot 36.4% themselves. Zach Randolph proved nearly impossible for the Wolves to contain down low, especially when they were going with the Dieng and Dante Cunningham frontcourt. Love put up much more a fight defensively, but Z-Bo was in a groove by then. Not many other players helped him out in the quarter, however. Conley and Gasol combined to shoot 1-for-8, and more than anything else, the Wolves' seven turnovers were what kept them down.