The first ten minutes sure were pretty tonight.

The Dallas Stars, beneficiary of already having one game played out of the All-Star break, came out to another quick-paced start. Unlike against Montreal, the Stars were able to make that start count.

They scored three goals in the span of about four and a half minutes about mid-way through the first period.

At even strength, and on the power play. Not just one power play goal, but two. Yes, you read that right. Two power play goals in the first period.

So what was so different tonight that made them able to finally cash in? On the first one, it was Jamie Benn set up right in front of the net. It's a spot we haven't seen him take much, as he's usually been out on the perimeter or on the opposing circle trying to funnel the puck towards Tyler Seguin on the right side for the one timer. The second was a great shot from Ales Hemsky from beyond the circle that picked Robin Lehner's corner.

The Stars hadn't scored multiple power play goals in a game for over a month. They've had plenty of opportunities in that time, too.

After the Stars went up 3-0, the Senators were able to shift the momentum back their way with two goals of their own. At even strength, and on the power play.

Both teams traded chances in the second period, but it was scoreless. Each team had power play chances that looked more like penalty kills, as the other was able to get prime scoring chances short handed due to turnovers and poor puck protection.