Fast forward to April and imagine a first round Western Conference playoff series between the Grizzlies and the Warriors, which could happen with some slight adjustments in the standings.

There’s no doubt the frenetic pace of such a series would be a lot like the Grizzlies’ 99-93 victory over the Warriors on Friday night in FedExForum.

Ball flying up and down the court. Neither team getting really close to the shot clock expiring. Nobody hesitating to fire away.

Griz point guard Mike Conley, knowing his team needed to play with a sense of urgency after back-to-back dead-upon-arrival losses to Suns and the Hawks, thought the Warriors were just what the doctor ordered.

“It helped us to play against a team with such a fast-pace,” Conley said. “It forced you to play their game. It made us more aware offensively and defensively. I thought we played great team defense. They had a lot of shooters and a lot of scorers. We’ll live with two guys scoring a lot, but not having it spread out.”