I hope everyone recorded this game so that you can re-watch history in the making! Welcome to life after the emergence of Nick Calathes. Yes you read that right, Nick Calathes had a career night as the Grizzlies took care of the Bucks at home 99-90. If you did record this game, though, You might want to just fast forward through first half. The Grizzlies looked sluggish, pouty, and dis-interested for the first part of game, and people started to get restless. Most Grizzlies fans were starting to worry if this was a product of no Mike Conley, or 4 games in 5 nights.

As the first quarter got under way, the Bucks went on a 10 to 1 run to start the game before the Grizz called a timeout to hopefully gain some composure. After the timeout the grizzlies put a mini run together that was started by 3 baskets in a row by Marc Gasol, and then retook the lead on a ZBo jumper. We saw some interesting lineups in the first quarter with the first man off the bench being Jamaal Franklin playing back up point guard. I assume this is to see where his development is, and give him some game time. Throughout these odd lineups and sporadic play, the Bucks continued to go on runs and withstand the mini-runs that the Grizzlies could muster. The Bucks eventually ended up leading 49 to 43 at the end of two quarters.

In the third, Grizzly fans started to rejoice, not only because the Grizzlies were playing much better than previously, but also we saw many flashes of Gasol rounding back into form. He had 8 point in the quarter to spark some momentum back for the Grizzlies. They pulled the game to within two points after the end of three.

Remember when I said this was the emergence of Nick Calathes? Well through three quarters he had 13 points and no turnovers. The fourth quarter is about the time of the game you should watch (if you did record it) to see Calathes really flex his muscles. In the fourth, the Grizzlies came out with all of the momentum and quickly tied the game, then a few possessions later, they took the lead and never looked back. Calathes had 9 points in the 4th quarter all from deep, and added some assists as well. The Grizzlies built the lead up, and finished the game out with a 9 point victory.