Quarterback Robert Griffin III said Tuesday he will begin making cuts on his surgically repaired right knee next week as part of his rehabilitation program, as he aims to be ready to practice at the outset of the Washington Redskins’ training camp late next month.
“You saw today the explosive sprinting part,” Griffin said following the team’s minicamp practice at Redskins Park. “I feel comfortable sprinting now. The next big stage is just cutting. And it’s not that I go cut for two days and I’m ready to go. It’s just a month of just doing cutting drills, change of direction. That way I can train my body to get back for that.
“So I’ll start that next week. I’ll start cutting next week. And then after that it’s just everything over and over. I continue to work out in the weight room over the next four or five weeks. I continue to keep sprinting and just get more and more comfortable. And then whatever I feel like I have a deficiency at, I make sure I fix that. There’s exercises you can do to help with that.”
After this week’s minicamp, Redskins players are off until training camp, which is scheduled to begin July 25 in Richmond. Griffin said last week he believes it is a realistic goal for him to be ready to practice at the outset of training camp. He reiterated that Tuesday.
“The shocking thing is every week that does pass by that I don’t talk to you guys, I am feeling better,” Griffin said. “So that’s a positive sign. When it comes to training camp, it’s just a matter of how my body feels when I get back on July 25 before we go down to Richmond. We’ll go from there. But I’ve said it a bunch of times: I’m pretty confident I’ll be ready.”
Coach Mike Shanahan remained noncommittal on the issue of whether Griffin will be permitted to practice at the outset of training camp.
“The big thing is when we go to camp,” Shanahan said Tuesday. “He’ll get a physical and see where he’s at. … When that date is, I don’t think anybody knows. The doctors are going to look at him and tell us when he’s ready to practice. When he is, we’ll see what he can do.”