A common criticism of Blake Griffin's game over the past three seasons is that all Griffin does is dunk, a notion he mocks in one of his Kia ads.
Griffin has shown the league this year, that he's more than a highlight waiting to happen, with improvements from the mid-range, at the free-throw line, on the block and on the defensive end.

But, Tuesday, Griffin reminded people of something in case they've forgotten - he's still really good at dunking.
Griffin threw down seven dunks in the Clippers' 106-84 win over Charlotte at Staples Center, including a stretch of three dunks in less than a minute near the end of the first half.
"You can't guard him when he takes off," Chris Paul said.
The first of the three, nearly a three-quarter court alley-oop pass from Paul, looked like the best of the night, until Griffin went over and through Charlotte's Gerald Henderson to finish with the left hand and draw the foul.
Paul said the long-distance lob wasn't planned.
"It was almost an accident," Paul said. "I think everyone will think I did that on purpose, but he had the hard part. I threw the ball just for him to catch it and take a dribble and dunk.
"I guess he saw an opportunity to not have to take a dribble."

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